nr. 22/2019 – Topic: Anthropology and Art

Nr. 22 / 2018 – Topic: Anthropology and Art


Anthropology and Art
George BONDOR Books, the Art of Reading and the Meaning of Life 5
Petru BEJAN Anthropologie du corps et l’identité. A partir d’une métaphore ancienne 13
Alina Silvana FELEA L’interprétation de l’oeuvre littéraire en débat: notes à ajouter à un dossier ouvert 25
Matei STÎRCEA-CRĂCIUN Paul Neagu and Hylesic Symbolism. A Tribute to His Memory 41
Mihai M. TARAŞI A Contemporary artistic Lection of Architectural Space 53
Constantin NECULA and Eugen RĂCHITEANU The Ethical Standards of Food Production in the Background of Modern Lifestyle 65
Bence KUN Transcendental Homelessness and Longing for Totality in Thomas Mann 79
Ana-Maria PETRACHE The Transformative Impact of Eschatological Narratives: A Reflection on the Theology of History 93
Petru DUNCA Dimensions of Sacrifice in Rite – Hermeneutical Perspectives 101
Dimitri GINEV The Facticity of Practices and the Factuality of Human Agency (Outline of a Hermeneutic Theory of Practices) 113
Cezara HUMĂ Anregungen zu einer Theorie der produktiven Rezeption: Hans Robert Jauß und Hans-Georg Gadamer im ,Gespräch‘ 135
Mat MESSERSCHMIDT Mircea Eliade and the Death of God in America 147
Mihaela MOCANU Le dictionnaire comme pratique signifiante. Une approche sémiotique du Lexicon de Buda 157
Haralambie ATHES Baudrillard, Sepultura and Steve Cutts’ Animation. Dystopian Common Ground 173
Marcus Cesar Ricci TESHAINER and Ronaldo Manzi FILHO The werewolf before the door of the law: Considerations on bando and language in the thought of Agamben 181
The History of Korean PhilosophyDialogue between Tudor Petcu and Halla Kim 191
Florin CRÎŞMĂREANU Le VIIème siècle byzantin: des hommes et des saints 199